There are many layers of her life: she is a genetic
TIME:2017-09-19 21:36
There are many layers of her life: she is a genetic biologist and a Ph. D. of Columbia University;
She is a veteran diver, one of the nation's leading technical divers, and is involved in many underwater exploration projects;
She is an excellent science fiction translator and author, featuring "neural wanderer" and science fiction "Elena at the water";
She is a writer of popular science and science communicators active, writing the number of public articles in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuji, Hangzhou's popular science lectures.
She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a good friend of ours.
She's Xu Haiyan and tofu. She's the denovo of the science squirrel club.
The afternoon of September 6, 2017, two divers in many famous diving enthusiasts known as diving, Panjiakou Reservoir underwater exploration of the Great Wall when missing. They are denovo and Sun Hao respectively. After 13 days of search and rescue, the remains of two divers were found.
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