An Ultimate Breakthrough With Kia's First Sports Car

A new style of a sports car model has come to the market for Kia, and it is a powerhouse for those that are new and looking to get into the sports car industry. The Kia Stinger GT, pushing the limits of 150kw, with great acknowledgments of good engineering and fully reliable, it allows those who want a smaller fashion of a sports car without all the additional features of a high-end sports car. There has been a lot of controversy with this vehicle not being Kia’s true first sports car. Back in 1995, the M100 Elan was introduced as a sports car test, however, it the model was still under General Motors until Kia requested the production rights to have for overseas production. The Elan featured numerous different attributes to the sports car industry; however, it was built more for testing instead of actual production.

There were actually on around 900 of the car produced, therefore they never truly made it to South Africa where the production was to take full action. When a designer, Albert Biermann, was taken in by Kia, they reconsidered making a new sports car and try their luck at it again, thus creating the Kia Stinger, GT that was revolutionary for Kia. They did not want to have another setback when it came to creating a correct and proper sports car as the previous attempt; therefore, to the proper means to hiring the right staff to perfect the new model. Once they got the concepts down, which took them almost three years to accomplish, the Stinger was introduced and was a hit. It has already made waves in the industry, and already has retailed in Germany with great results from customers. Therefore, for those looking to get a sports car for the first time, or even as a collector, the Stinger from Kia is a great place to start.